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Up-lighting is something that has really taken off in the past few years. Up-lighting is nothing more than just placing a focused beam on the floor and shining it upwards on an item rather it be a column, a window, a corner, along a wall, or anything you would like to stand out. When programming our up-lighting we use the colors you have chosen for your event to accent the elegance of your event and with the advantage of wireless it makes it a clean nice set-up. Up-Lighting can change the dynamic and perception of your entire event & venue.  Each light can be customized to your personal colors. It adds the WOW factor!

Wash Lighting

Wash lighting also known as stage lighting now days comes in many forms from what is called par cans to color panels and even color strips. Wash lighting is made to cover a area with light, to help illuminate a dark area or maybe just to add some color to that area.
Wireless Pin Spots

A small focused beam of light in a small battery operated wireless allowing us to showcase your cake table or any area of your event. They are small lights that can attach to almost anything.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting is most popular here at J&B. Intelligent lights can produce extraordinarily complex effects with multiple colors and even multiple designs.